The Breyer Map

Through the discovery of Albert Breyer’s Karte der deutschen Siedlungen in Mittelpolen published in 1938, I was able to see that all the villages listed on Canadian passenger lists were all in the same area north of Warsaw. I was also able to find out that each one of the immigrants to Kenora, Ontario all came from villages which had been classified as Niedrunger, a German term meaning “low lander”. Albert Breyer’s village classifications and accompanying paper published in 1935 gave valuable insight into the language, history, and culture of the people that live there.

This is a copy of the original map that was scanned, georeferenced, and imported into Carto.

Although Breyer gives six distinct classifications for these German Settlements in Poland, these are not easily distinguishable on the 1938 map with the only colour printing being red and green. The text in some areas is also extremely difficult to read. This, and the fact that this map is not at all easy to find motivated us to create an updated web based version. With the map we created and we also started the process of attaching links to important information about these villages in the info boxes of their locations. During my research I have found that the information about these villages is very scattered and often very difficult to find. If you hover over the village locations you will see some have links you are able to click to obtain more information. This is a work in progress as we continue to make new discoveries on Vistula German villages.

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